Fedcap Canada expands employment services in Niagara Falls to meet the growing needs of the region

Hamilton ON, April 20 2023Fedcap Canada has announced that the Welland Heritage Council and Multicultural Centre (WHCMC) Employment Solutions will relocate one office from Welland North to Niagara Falls South, to support the employment service needs of the growing population. As the non-profit continues to build on efforts to enhance employment services in the Hamilton Niagara peninsula, Fedcap Canada has identified Niagara Falls as a region that requires additional support.


“Niagara Falls is in a state of economic evolution. However, there is an underserved population that requires accessible, local employment services and support in order to find and maintain employment” said Grant Collins, President of Fedcap Canada.


Recently, Niagara Falls has seen a significant influx of asylum seekers which has increased the need for newcomer and employment services support in the area. The WHCMC along with CERF Niagara, YMCA Employment Services of Niagara and the Niagara Employment Help Centre have all been working in collaboration to provide ongoing support to the residents of Niagara Falls and the asylum seekers. This transition to Niagara Falls South for the WHCMC, will serve to further grow that ongoing collaboration.


The WHCMC has had a presence in Niagara Falls for years, through offering a wide range of services related to newcomer support. Based on the Centre’s history of success serving multicultural communities, combined with the evolving needs of Niagara Falls, Fedcap Canada envisions that this move will benefit the region and its residents. As a member of Fedcap Canada’s far reaching network of employment service providers in the region, WHCMC will undoubtedly continue to make a valuable contribution to the ongoing success of serving the region.


About Fedcap Canada & Welland Heritage Council and Multicultural Centre (WHCMC)

Fedcap Canada is a non-profit organization partnered with the Government of Ontario to deliver and transform employment services in Hamilton-Niagara and Halton, specifically those experiencing barriers to employment. Fedcap Canada is a part of The Fedcap Group – a global non-profit founded in 1935 providing services to 340,000+ people. Fedcap Canada is the Service System Manager for Employment Services in the Hamilton Niagara region. Learn more at fedcapcanada.org/         


The WHCMC was founded in 1976 and operates as a non-profit organization. Their mission is to help newcomers and Canadians develop the skills they need to succeed in Canada. They provide several newcomer supports and services including settlement services, housing coordination, employment services and English as a second language classes. Learn more at wellandheritagecouncil.com/       


Media contact: Nerissa Mahoney

PR & Communications Manager, Fedcap Canada

365-889-1914 | nmahoney@fedcapcanada.ca

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