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Fedcap Canada—a company of The Fedcap Group works alongside other local organizations and community partners to provide tailored support for unemployed people, including those with disabilities, on their journey towards sustainable employment.

We are committed to strong market stewardship, capacity-building the existing Service Provider networks and will operate with a deep respect for the role of local communities in delivering outcomes.

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The new employment services system, funded by the Government of Ontario, is focused on providing tailored support for unemployed people, including those with disabilities, on their journey towards employment and into sustainable work. Hamilton-Niagara is one of three prototype areas where this new service is delivered.

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Careers & Recruitment

Do you want to go home from work every day feeling you made a real difference?

Then join our team…

We offer a rewarding career that makes a genuine social difference – We’re an innovative company with a great track record. We empower and encourage our people to think differently, whilst giving them the opportunity to make a real social difference. Our services are built around the individuals that need our help. We have high-standards and expect a lot of commitment, dedication and hard work – but the results are most definitely worthwhile.

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