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Employment Services Transformation

The employment services transformation, funded by the Government of Ontario, is focused on providing tailored support for unemployed people, including those with disabilities, on their journey towards employment and into sustainable work.

As part of the new system, the Ministry introduced Fedcap Canada as the new Service System Manager for the Hamilton-Niagara and Halton regions. We will:

  • Create an efficient employment service to meet the needs of all clients, including those on social assistance or with a disability.
  • Be more responsive to local labour market needs.
  • Drive results for jobseekers, employers and communities.

As a customer of ours, either a jobseeker or an employer you may not notice a big difference straightaway except that the service to you will be a lot quicker. This new system is a big change to the process of delivery, allowing local communities to tailor the program to their areas specific needs and will be delivered from October 2020.

What Will You See that is Different?

We will be providing:

Strong Market Stewardship.

By promoting fairness, transparency and diversity, our commitment is to continuously improve our Employment System Management Service, to make sure it is innovative and right for our clients.

Continuous Capacity Building.

The system is moving from a grant-based model to a Performance-based Framework, so we are making sure the right people, processes and systems are in place. Our new IT system will give visibility at every level of the service, whether viewing your progress if you are a jobseeker or gaining a real-time view of performance across the entire network if you are a partner.

Local Leadership.

Local peoples needs differ as does the needs of local employers and the local labour markets. Local community partners and stakeholders are best placed to understand these needs, and our role will be to enable them by putting the right structures in place to help.

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