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Fedcap Canada—a company of The Fedcap Group works alongside other local organizations and community partners to provide tailored support for unemployed people, including those with disabilities, on their journey towards sustainable employment.

We are committed to strong market stewardship, capacity-building the existing Service Provider networks and will operate with a deep respect for the role of local communities in delivering outcomes.

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Our Mission is to deliver high outcomes and life-changing, sustainable differences for individuals and families to improve their economic well-being through work.

Our values

• Excellence
• Service
• Accountability
• Action

Who We Are

Fedcap Canada is part of Fedcap Inc., a nonprofit company providing services throughout the US, UK and now Canada. Fedcap Inc. is a member of The Fedcap Group—an international 86-year-old nonprofit providing services to over 250,000 people annually.


"Every e-mail, phone call, or meeting is an opportunity to be a leader."

Grant Collins


James Wellings

Director of Support Services

Jen Lawton

Director of Operations

Dennis Sze

Director of Finance

Martin Hanna

Director of Systems and Technology

Grant E. Collins II


Grant E. Collins II is the President of Fedcap Canada, created to implement and oversee the new employment services system in Hamilton-Niagara areas.  Grant built a consortium that includes four Toronto-based non-profits to assist Fedcap Canada in driving his unyielding approach to transformation-based operations.  Developing effective approaches and testing new ways of helping more individuals succeed in sustainable employment is his goal. 

His unwavering belief that given the tools and opportunities, everyone can experience the dignity that only work can provide, underlies his successful international experience in leading similar changes to employment programs both in the US and the UK.  His work with The Fedcap Group includes growing the Group’s Workforce Practice area by 300 percent working with more than 69,000 people annually and expanding transformational programming to the states of Maine , New York, New Jersey and Washington, D.C.  He currently oversees similar contracts for the governments of England, Scotland, and Wales.

Grant began his career teaching public assistance recipients how to find work and helping community-based organizations to motivate the unemployed. He received numerous awards while working at the US Department of Health and Human Services working with the government and states on the US’s transformational welfare reform.  Grant attended the George Warren Brown School of Social Work at Washington University and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Bethany College in Kansas.

James Wellings

Director of Support Services

James Wellings is the Director of Support Services for Fedcap Canada. Prior to this, James in his role of Transition Manager, was part of the core team responsible for Fedcap Canada’s implementation of the Service System Manager for Employment Services operations in the Hamilton-Niagara area.  James brings 20 years of operational and project management experience in the field of Social Development in the UK, Canada and internationally.  He has participated in several business transformations of outsourcing business models and associated business processes.

James led the implementation of new services to 15 prisons in the UK including substantial stakeholder engagement activity with the Ministry of Justice Contract Management and Assurance teams, Prison Governors and Community Rehabilitation Company staff.  As a result of his management of the largest commissioned contract from the National Offender Management Services, all Key Performance Indicators were exceeded over the life of the contract. 

James has operational business process and CRM review experience in deploying best practices models to improve project control and coaching senior operators and project teams.  In addition to being Degree Educated, James holds Management of Risk (MoR) certification and PRINCE2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) Project Management certification.


Dicrector of Operations

Jen Lawton is the Director of Operations for Fedcap Canada. Prior to this, in her role of Service Provider Director, Jen was part of the core implementation team for the Service System Manager for Employment Services operations in the Hamilton-Niagara area for Fedcap Canada. Jen brings over 20 years of operational and supply chain management experience in the field of Social Development and customer facing industries in the UK and internationally. 

Jen has led on the development of supply chains across the UK, Ireland, North America and Internationally. In addition to being degree educated, she is qualified to both MCIPS status and Prince II practitioner status, and has comprehensive working knowledge of public, private, and voluntary sector procurement practices from both the client and service provider perspective.

Jen has substantial and demonstratable experience in the leadership and management of teams locally, regionally, and internationally to deliver exceptional results. A change management expert with an ability to bring about the fundamental transformations needed in response to changing and evolving commercial, legislative, and financial factors. Strong strategic vision; along with the ability to successfully deliver results, analyze problems and implement solutions.

Dennis Sze

Director of Finance

Dennis Sze is the Director of Finance for Fedcap Canada where he oversees the financial health of the company including financial transactions and provides strategic financial leadership.

Dennis began his career at Fedcap as the Director of Finance for the Wellness Comprehensive Assessment Rehabilitation and Employment (WeCARE) in New York City.  Prior to coming to Fedcap Inc, he accrued considerable experience as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), working in major accounting firms where he provided financial and advisory services to private investment funds using sophisticated techniques to achieve higher returns. 

Dennis uses his for-profit experience to benefit Fedcap Inc and other non-profits in the areas of business strategy, analyzing and aligning project goals with varied solutions and leading all phases of programs from development to implementation to operation within budget guidelines.  He is a Certified Public Accountant in the State of New York and holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting & Finance from the University at Albany, Albany, NY.

Martin Hanna

Director of Systems and Technology

Martin Hanna is the Director of Systems and Technology for Fedcap Canada where he oversees the design, deployment, and delivery of the company’s system, manages IT personnel and the full lifecycle of information technology applications and services of in-house and 3rd party developed systems, and develops strategic and tactical goals for corporate information systems. 

Martin’s 10+ years of systems and technology experience in human services provides Fedcap a valuable resource to further Fedcap’s mission of working to ensure employment opportunities for all.  His understanding of the data needs of programs and funders allows him to tailor our case management system for each program so data specific to each contract is captured and tracked. 

Martin also works with outside organizations, including competitors, to have chosen to subscribe to our unique case management system.  He created a system that holds all the community and faith-based organizations and their services in a geographic area and tracks the customer referrals made to provide a picture of services being used and services gaps to be filled.  Martin holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from City University of New York.

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