Customer Service

Fedcap Canada Customer Charter

Fedcap are committed to providing a high-quality service to everyone we deal with. In order to do this, we
need to outline our expectations as an organization.

Our standards:

1. Excellent delivery and service

2. Communication

3. Value

4. Encourage feedback on our services

What you can expect from us:


  1. Excellent delivery and service
  • We will be available to answer your enquiries during the published opening hours,
  • We will always try to answer all calls within 3 rings. Our staff work remotely due to Covid- please understand that calls may take a little longer to be answered during this time.
    • Treat you with respect, courtesy, empathy and fairness,
    • We will use plain language, and avoid using jargon where possible,
    • We will not make promises we cannot keep,  
  • Communication
    • We will acknowledge all e-mails or voicemails within 24-48 hours (two working days); Fully responding within 5-10 business days depending on the nature and complexity of the request.
    • Ensure that all communications linked to Fedcap procedures are adhered to within the established timescales of those procedures,
    • Ensure that all staff to have an active ‘out of office’ reply issued should you send an e-mail when they are away from the office which provides contact information for a back-up person to address any urgent matters during their absence.
  • Values
    • Ensure that our network is welcoming both in its environment and its culture.
    • Treat you as an individual by understanding your unique circumstances, expectations and ambitions as we support you in achieving your desired goal.
    • Endeavour to meet your individual needs by offering a tailored customer journey.
    • Provide staff members that are customer centric focussed.
    • Provide a solutions-focused response to any query.
  • Encourage feedback on our services
    • We will encourage your feedback so that we can seek to improve our services.
    • We will make it easy for you to pass on your comments, compliments or suggestions about the service you receive in a simple and safe way.
  • Responding to Feedback:
  • We will always acknowledge receipt of feedback within 24 hours of receiving it.
  • If your feedback requires follow-up, we will do so in a timely manner.
    • If this is related to a complaint, then it follows the 5-stage process listed in our Complaints
      Policy each of these stages has a defined timeline associated with it;
  • If your feedback has been given anonymously then we cannot feedback directly to you, but we will post it in our quarterly report as needing action / attention;
  • If your feedback is a compliment on our services or an individual team member then the associated manager is briefed within 24 hours of us receiving this;
    • We always encourage feedback of a positive nature to be shared directly with those that have helped you on your journey.


Should you be unhappy with any service we provide a structured complaints process.

Customer Policies

As part of our commitment to our customers, we want to share with you our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion policy and Accessibility Policy.

In return we ask that of you – our clients
  • treat our staff with respect and be courteous
  • be considerate and polite to other customers
  • provide the information we need to deliver services
  • ask us to explain anything you are not sure about
We hope that you find this Customer Charter useful and relevant, and we would welcome your suggestions on how we could further improve it. You can give such feedback either through your Case Manager or via email at
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